Specialized Technical Services Program

Testing and Balancing

Our in-house team of Supervising NEBB-Certified Professionals and extensively trained technicians provide air and water systems testing and balancing. We go beyond just reporting: we ensure systems are performing properly as designed. 

System Commissioning 

Our professional team of Supervising NEBB-Certified Professionals and extensively trained technicians work to meet the design intent with regard to assembly and performance. 

Fine-tuning control sequences and verifying operational procedures are standard. Commissioning ensures that all the disciplines of the design, construction, and equipment start-up, test and balance, and control operations mesh to provide timely project completion and establish operation performance and documentation. 

Mechanical Systems Review 

ATIGROUP can review your operations and costs to determine how to best support your facility and get your operation back to original operating efficiency.

We can also help you forecast your capital budget plan for replacements of older equipment before failures occur and help with financial arrangements to save you in the long-run. Call us to see if you can benefit from this program. 

Indoor Air Quality Testing

Your good health is our top priority. ATIGROUP can not only test your facility’s air quality and report on what we find, we can also provide the solution to any problems found, greatly reducing your costs due to lower productivity and increased absenteeism due to poor air quality in the workplace. For over 25 years, ATIGROUP engineers and technicians have been testing the air quality in facilities and investigating the causes when problems are discovered.

Electrical Quality and Demand Analysis 

Harmonic Distortion and low Power Factor may be the source of unique electrical problems and utility company penalties that cost you a bundle.

ATIGROUP Engineers and Master Electricians have the test equipment and expertise to analyze your electrical systems and make recommendations to improve the quality of the electrical power delivered to your facility. In addition, they will make recommendations that may increase the life of transformers, motors, etc., and improve the operating characteristics and costs of many electricity-using devices.

Cleanroom and Laboratory Testing and Certification

ATIGROUP Engineers and Technicians test and certify Cleanrooms to ISO 14644 Standards using the latest in laser particle counters, and digital airflow and pressure-measuring equipment. In addition, we routinely measure and verify fume hood and laminar work table/hood flow rates.

Commissioning and Retro-Commissioning

As a national leading provider of commissioning services, ATIGROUP performs commissioning that delivers results.

Commissioning is a vital and key component of a successful project. All of the equipment and systems are thoroughly checked to assure optimum performance and commissioning reports are delivered to the owner. These reports describe any system installation or operational anomalies encountered that may result in inefficient system performance and/or reduced warranty services. 

We use a systematic, engineering-based, process from initial project concept to the start-up of your building. This process is used to assess, functionally test, refine, and integrate the operations and energy performance of all infrastructure systems. This produces a facilities product that is sustainable, reliable, efficient, and healthful throughout the entire lifecycle of the building(s).