Building Automation Integration

When every building has its own personality a building automation system will:

  • Reduce Energy Consumption
  • Track Energy use and monitoring
  • Manage Energy Consumption and Electrical demand
  • Extend HVAC Equipment Life
  • Reduce Owning and Operating Costs
  • Improve Comfort
  • Eliminates the Proprietary Service provider using Open Protocol Systems, and Controllers

Our Controls Solutions utilize the Tridium Platform which allows integration using LonWorks, BacNet, TCP/IP, and Modbus, as well as other third party communication protocols.

ATIGROUP's Building Automation Department supports:

  • Carrier iVu Open
  • Carrier Comfort Link
  • Johnson Controls Facilitator FX  
  • Johnson Controls Metasys
  • Honeywell Webs
  • Novar Controls
  • Trane Systems
  • Tridium
  • Complete System Integration

Looking to maximize your entire building automation systems? 

ATIGROUP can integrate the following systems to  operate on the same platform: Access, Video, Lighting, Metering, Security, Fire, and HVAC Systems.

ATIGROUP Service and Solution Building Automation Integration capabilities:

  • Temperature Controls
  • Direct Digital Controls (DDC)
  • Pneumatic
  • Hybrid systems including both Pneumatic, and DDC
  • New & Retrofit Control Solutions 
  • Building Control System monitoring remotely
  • Remote diagnostics of HVAC Systems
  • Trending, and history logging remotely