Oil-Free, Magnetic Bearing, Chillers

Contrary to popular belief chiller plants are now the most efficient operating at partial load and the new technology of the oil free, magnetic bearing chillers are here to prove it.  We live in a region where our climates hit peak demand less than 10% of the time. Therefore, why would engineers design for the most efficient operation to occur when the chiller is loaded at 100% or at peak demand?   

With facilities mechanical systems operating at partial load over 85% of the time the magnetic bearing compressors are achieving a KWH savings of over 30% by performing at their “sweet spot” which is around 50% loaded.  The oil free chiller also dramatically reduces maintenance and operational costs by eliminating all the oil in the traditional chiller system. The concept that chiller systems are operating without any oil is almost unheard of and defies what mechanical service companies across the world understand.   The chiller operations is also so quiet the refrigerant flowing through the chiller is actually louder than the compressor running. 

This technology is sweeping across the country and has been in North America for over 10 years.  ATIGROUP was the first engineering firm to specify the Smardt Chiller in the Mid-West and Burcham Hill’s Retirement Community was the first leader in the industry to purchase this technology.