We handle all types of federal projects, including supplying the construction management, test and balance, commissioning, and start-up services for the mechanical portion of various projects and more. We utilize a method of integrated project delivery which allows us to provide solutions that reduce risks involved with cost escalation, improve efficiency across the board and adhere to our client’s timelines.

Federal Case Studies

The Department of Veterans Affairs had recently installed a new HVAC system for the Trans‐Catheter Aortic Valve Replacement (TAVR) Room at the VA Medical Center in Ann Arbor, Michigan. The system did not work or meet the temperature, humidity, or VA code guidelines.

ATIGROUP, Inc. was hired to assess the existing system and design a system that met current VA mechanical code requirements and operated at peak efficiency. ATIGROUP, Inc. served as a subcontractor under NORESCO on this project, completed in 2015.


ATIGROUP, Inc. experienced and overcame several project challenges.

  • The airside of the system, hot water coil, chilled water coil, control integration, and all ductwork had to be completed in a two‐week time frame.
  • Our crews could only work on nights and weekends to avoid disrupting the day‐to‐day operations of the adjacent operating rooms which remained active during construction.
  • On startup and commissioning, ATIGROUP, Inc. and our installation team discovered existing conditions within portions of the remaining units which involved extensive troubleshooting to resolve. These consisted of humidifier faults, variable frequency drive (VFD) manual overrides, and achieve  air changes each hour.
  • Engineering a design which would allow the VA Medical Center (VAMC) to achieve their TAVR government approval while remaining within the acceptable mechanical room footprint and existing rooftop mounted condensing unit.


The TAVR at the VAMC in Ann Arbor was the first government certified TAVR on any VAMC site in the United States. Fully functional since early July 2015, ATIGROUP, Inc. completed the project during a two‐week shutdown of the OR space.
Trans-catheter aortic valve replacement is a minimally invasive procedure to replace a narrowed aortic valve that fails to open properly. This procedure involves doctors inserting a catheter in a patient’s leg or chest and guiding it to their heart. Installing the TAVR surgical suite allowed the Ann Arbor VAMC to self‐perform the procedure rather than having to transport patients to the nearby University of Michigan hospital and paying the cost of the off‐site procedure.

ATIGROUP, Inc. served as the construction manager to perform the project on time and on budget working collaboratively with VA staff and NORESCO. We used an Integrated Project Delivery methodology with our engineering, construction management, and subcontractor team members working together to create the most efficient solution for the Ann Arbor VA. Using this methodology allows our team to mitigate communication and planning risks associated with detached plans from various departments. We could also more easily identify risks and circumvent them in a timely fashion to meet project deadlines. The project included installation of 1 mile of stainless steel supply duct and a ten-ton chiller with associated air flow monitoring stations located in the OR. Our work on this project helped the VA prepare for long‐term efficiency and AHU maintenance.

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ATIGROUP Inc. was hired by an Energy Savings Company (ESCO) ‐ NORESCO to complete the mechanical engineering on the energy conservation measures (ECM) for VISN 10. This project consisted of over 15 energy conservation measures at 4 different locations in the State of Michigan.

ATIGROUP, Inc. also compiled construction estimates and acted as a prime contractor for NORESCO, supplying the construction management, test and balance, commissioning, and start-up services for the mechanical portion of the various projects. Our engineering department worked in tandem with our construction management team to provide NORESCO with a single source of accountability and reliability while we were designing and constructing our solutions for the 4 locations described below. Using this method of Integrated Project Delivery to design and manage our projects allows ATIGROUP to reduce risks involved with cost escalation, improve efficiency across the board, and adhere to our client’s timelines. Total revenue received by ATIGROUP was approximately $5 million which included all of the design services. Below are some examples of engineering provided at each location, but the scope was not limited to these specific examples.

Battle Creek, VAMC

One of the ECM’s that ATIGROUP, Inc. was contracted to provide was in direct regards to the steam system in Battle Creek, MI. ATIGROUP, Inc. performed a complete site survey of this 685‐acre property by physically checking for steam leaks which was pinpointed by a previous study provided by the VA on equipment and pipes documenting condition and then designing solutions to repair and replace the leaks. The solutions consisted of replacing approximately 100 feet of underground piping and condensate return. The old piping was abandoned in place and new piping was installed via directional boring. ATIGROUP also provided repair on 4 pits consisting of valves and companion flanges.

Ann Arbor, VAMC

ATI GROUP, Inc.’s original contract was to design and install three ECM’s, and due to the success of those projects, the scope was expanded to seven ECM’s. The work included several mechanical system upgrades, facility-wide building management system nightime setback, and time of day run time scheduling and installation of CO2 sensors to critical common areas.

Detroit, VAMC

ATIGROUP Inc. was responsible for designing and installing the reconfiguration of the central chilled water piping to allow the integration of the chilled water loop to cohesively work with the isolated operating room air cooled systems. This allowed the VA to optimize and use the central plant while reducing their energy usage and maintaining operating room requirements for cooling. This design also uses the automation system to automatically switch over to seasonal operation which leads to significant energy reduction.

Saginaw, VAMC

ATIGROUP Inc. designed the sequence of operations for a facility-wide building management system night time setback, time of day run time scheduling and installation of CO2 sensors to critical common areas.

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Indefinite Delivery Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ), Veterans Integrated Service Network-10 (VISN10), awarded ATIGROUP with a five-year contract for all mechanical and electrical work. ATIGROUP will also be in charge of all interior renovation. We competed with 130 other proposals and we were 1 of 7 top picks. Seventy-five million dollars will be divided amongst the seven proposals. This was awarded in November 2017. As stated, this is a five-year contract and within those five years, there will be multiple projects aligned for ATIGROUP to complete.

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Iowa City VA Central Park had many proposals come in for this project. ATIGROUP competed alongside an abundance of other companies. Iowa City VA Central Park awarded ATIGROUP with a $2.75 million construction project. A big deciding factor for this project was the fact that we offered both service and performance. This project is considered modernization of a central chiller plant.

Managing the process

ATIGROUP will be just the construction managers for this modernization project. The contract started in 2017 with an estimated time of completion in 2020. The design process is complete and ATIGROUP is assisting with the bid progress. We are taking care of all the ins and outs of the process and managing the whole process. The reason for this construction project is because their centrifugal chiller has passed it's lifetime.

Goal to Modernize

Our goal is to help Iowa City VA Central Park save energy, save in maintenance costs, and save in service costs. Our design will do all of the above and provide them with easier control. The start date will happen anywhere between November 2018 and March 2019. The project should take 3-5 months to complete. It is our job to make sure the process runs smoothly and stays on time and on budget. ATIGROUP will provide Iowa City VA Central Park with two new one thousand ton chillers. These new chillers will completely modernize their existing outdated chillers.

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