Gratiot Integrated Community Health, St. Louis

As a long time solutions provider for Gratiot CMH, ATIGROUP was asked to provide the engineering and architectural services along with the construction management services for Gratiot Integrated Community Health renovation in Saint Louis, MI.

ATIGROUP selected an Architectural partner and provided Engineering & Construction Management services in-house. ATIGROUP oversaw all aspects of the building renovation as the Owner's Representative dealing directly with the owner, communicating among all trade partners, and meeting the client’s needs while staying within the budget and on time with the renovation deadline.

Gratiot Integrated in Alma, Michigan and they needed to expand to better serve their clients.
The renovation consisted of converting an old doctor’s office into an outpatient clinic for the network. The new design included all architectural, mechanical, electrical, plumbing roofing, windows and up to date code compliance for the facility. The project started in October 2017 and the ribbon cutting ceremony was on May 10, 2018.

This facility was a great challenge for a great cause as it is the first facility for Gratiot Integrated dedicated to serving the autistic community. ATIGROUP had to take this into consideration while providing design, integrating specific lighting "dim" and soundproofing the walls so there is no interruption in the services being provided.

As this project was a success, ATIGROUP continues to provide professional services for this customer at their locations maintaining their mechanical, electrical, & plumbing systems to ensure their costs stay down and their investments last their useful life expectancy.

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